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Bid goodbye to the robust acne by applying our brand new anti-acne cleansing lotion tonic for your oily skin, introducing our brand new product specially formulated for your oily skin. You can also use our other specialized product called Pharmacy – Anti-Acne Washing Gel (Soap Free), designed specifically for effective acne care. Perfect for your skincare routine!

  • Effective action: The cleansing lotion is effective in removing the excess oil generated in your skin and helps to revitalize and refresh the skin.
  • Complexion: The lotion effectively helps you to achieve a precise and radiant complexion.



Tea-tree – Also known as melaleuca oil, it incorporates an antimicrobial property in the cleansing lotion. This ingredient is commonly used in treating acne and healing the skin texture.

Water lily – It helps to provide instant hydration to the skin and also incorporates anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties. Helpful to make skin smooth and blemish-free.


How to use

  • Use a cleanser or face wash to clean your face correctly.
  • Apply the lotion across your face, focusing on the places which are prone to acne.
  • Use it daily for a better result and a good, blemish-free complexion.


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