Discover a world of premium beauty and skincare with our diverse range of top brands including Herbal Time, Mediskin, Regal, and Spa Master. Each brand in our collection has been carefully selected for its exceptional quality, innovative formulations, and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Herbal Time stands out with its natural approach, infusing products with herbal extracts and essential oils that nurture and revitalize the skin and hair. From refreshing shampoos to rejuvenating skin treatments, Herbal Time offers a touch of nature’s best.

Mediskin specializes in advanced skincare solutions, particularly for those with specific skin concerns. Their products range from targeted treatments for acne and aging to gentle formulations for sensitive skin to very dry skin, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect skincare match.

Regal is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. This brand brings a range of high-end skincare and beauty products, each designed to offer a spa-like experience at home. Whether you’re looking for indulgent body care or elegant fragrances, Regal has something to make you feel pampered.

Spa Master combines the art of spa treatments with the science of skincare. Their products, including intensive hair treatments and rejuvenating skin therapies, are formulated to bring professional-grade care into your daily routine.

Explore our selection and find your ideal beauty companion among these esteemed brands. Each product promises to enhance your beauty regimen, ensuring you look and feel your best. Shop now and elevate your skincare and beauty experience.

  • Mediskin Skin Care

    Mediskin Skin Care (4)

    Explore Mediskin DB premium skincare line, meticulously crafted for Diabetic individuals facing dry skin problems. With our specialized moisturizers for face , body & foot , enjoy unmatched hydration and instant relief. Unveil the magic of our distinctive formulas and feel the transformation first hand.
  • Regal

    Regal (1)

    Explore the world of Regal, where hair care meets excellence. At the forefront is our acclaimed Deep Cleansing Anti-Dandruff shampoo, meticulously formulated to combat dandruff effectively. Our products are designed with your hair's health in mind, ensuring you can flaunt your locks with utmost confidence. Experience the transformative power of Regal and step into a realm of clear, dandruff-free scalp…
  • Spa Master

    Spa Master (26)

    Explore the essence of luxurious haircare with Spa Master. Our meticulously crafted range includes enriching shampoos, nourishing conditioners, intensive hair masks, and revitalizing serums. Spa Master promises salon-grade results, ensuring your hair feels as exquisite as it looks. Experience the difference today