• Mediskin DB for Diabetics

    Mediskin DB for Diabetics (3)

    We offer you a solution for beautiful and healthy skin,using our products from Mediskin DB cosmetic. The high content of UREA protects the skin from drying and hydrates it. It help for eliminating redness, itching and the discomfort of the skin.
  • Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy (7)

    Aromatherapy involves the use of plant extracts with distinct and pleasant odours. Aromatherapy can help improve mood and a general sense of wellbeing, wich could be helpful for people suffering from stress and anxiety.Try our 100% essential oils and your mind and body will thank you!
  • Lady's Joy Luxury Face Care

    Lady's Joy Luxury Face Care (10)

    Lady's Joy Luxury skin care is a high-quality, anti ageing , range of products with organic rose oil, organic rose water obtained from the blossoms of oil -bearing rose/Rosa damascena Mill/called the "Queen of Flowers" and black pearl extract, derived from a special pearl known as Pinctada Margaritifera, called the "Jewel of the sea" and "Queen of pearls". Lady's Joy…
  • Sun Cream

    Sun Cream (4)

    LEGANZA SUN The perfect protection for sunny smiles​ Sun rays are equivalent to mood, happiness and health. They help us to "collect" vitamin D which is needed for the nervous system, the bones, the muscles of a person and for the absorption of calcium. The exposure to the sun without proper protection is hazardous to health. The reason for this…