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A must-have sun protection for the outdoor adventures of kids is here. Introducing our brand new product, Sun Protection Body Spray for kids. With an SPF of 50, it is specially formulated for the soft and delicate skin of children. You can also use our other specialized product called Leganza – Sun Protection Face Cream, designed to offer superior sun protection for your skin.

  • UV ray protection: This easy-to-apply sun protection body spray provides broad protection against harmful rays like UVA or UVB.
  • Whole-day protection: A non-greasy formula of this spray ensures sun defence throughout the day.



Lycomega: This natural ingredient acts as a strong oxidant and protective agent in a sun cream. It enhances the UV ray protection activity in the cells.

Lycopene: It is a natural antioxidant that is designed for the protection of UV rays and an essential carotenoid for scavenging Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Omega-3-6: This natural antioxidant creates resistance against allergy, pigmentation and skin wrinkles.


How to use

  • Take the sun cream and apply it to the exposed surface of your skin.
  • Rub it in gently over the skin surface for a better result.


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