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Introducing our hair styling product Spa Master – Hair Polish Serum- Macadamia Oil For Dry Hair which is a clinically proven revitalising elixir for all types of hair. This light, deeply penetrating serum helps to moisturise and soften the hair by enhancing shine and silkiness.

The antioxidant-rich macadamia oil formula revitalises and strengthens damaged hair while facilitating easy brushing. The product can be used multiple times a day. Elevate your hair styling routine with the brilliance of Macadamia oil hair polish serum.

Also, you can use our Spa Master – Repair Hair Serum With Argan Oil for your dry hair.


  • Macadamia Oil: Rich moisture and softness are provided by this deeply penetrating natural element. Its high antioxidant content fortifies and revitalises damaged hair, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish. 


How to Use

Apply a small amount of hair polish serum to your washed and dried hair. Suitable for daily use and can be used multiple times a day.


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