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Bamboo charcoal and rose water are two ingredients in the deep-cleaning glycerine soap Bulgarian Rose for Men. For oily faces and bodies or greasy scalps, the soap’s detoxifying properties are perfect. After usage, the soap has a lovely, subtle scent thanks to the addition of rose water.

  • The product is free of parabens.
  • It is suitable for oily skin.
  • It has a detox effect



  • Bulgarian rose: It is water soluble and soothing, which makes the skin hydrated. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this flower help to balance the skin texture. 
  • Natural Rose water: The soap contains natural rose water that is helpful for cleansing and brightening skin. Also, it helps to soothe irritated skin and balance the levels of natural oils in the skin.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin allows the soap to hydrate the skin and relieve it from skin dryness by refreshing its surface.


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