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Introducing our Spa Master – CC Hair Care Cream For Curly Hair – an effective styling product that provides a medium hold. Enriched with ingredients like hydrating glycerin and strengthening keratin and nourishing coconut oil this hair cream deftly protects your hair curls. Apply a small amount to your damp or dry hair to achieve a properly styled appearance. Unleash the potential of your curly hair.

For potent fixing and conditioning properties use our Spa Master – Root & Texture Spray


  • Keratin: A vibrant biological element that is perfect for protecting hair before colouring and treating scalp issues with thorough restoration.
  • Glycerin: The hydrating property of this ingredient rejuvenates your dry and damp hair. 
  • Coconut Oil: Improves hair health by hydrating and nourishing hair. Rich in vital vitamins and fatty acids, this ingredient can add radiance, keep hair from breaking, and keep it healthy overall.

How to Use

Take a small amount of Spa Master CC Hair Care Cream and apply it on wet or dry hair. Distribute the care cream evenly, paying attention to the ends and lengths. Use either before or after styling for optimal results in curly hair that is nourished and well-defined.


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